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The movie and music industry is a tough business.  No one knows that better than Whitney Houston.  Drug addiction knows no boundaries as well.  No one knows that better than Whiney Houston either.  So many celebrities have come forward with their drug addiction problems with strength that many people are in awe of.  Perhaps it’s because of their celebrity or maybe it’s just because they are being so honest with their fans and the public.

 It doesn’t matter.  Celebrity drug use is a given in the world they live in.  Whitney Houston came upon fame rather quickly becoming a sweetheart of 1990’s music.  She was arrested in January of 2000 for possession of marijuana at an airport after two baggies of pot and three partially smoked joints were found in her luggage.

 When she married fellow songster Bobby Brown, it seemed her drug use became more intense.  Whitney has been in and out of rehab repeatedly to overcome addictions to marijuana, cocaine, and assorted pills.  But the good news is that she found help for her drug addiction.

 Life isn’t always easy.  Many of us want a way out of the crazy hustle and bustle.  The easy way out is to use drugs.  The drugs work on the mind making everyday problems seems trivial.  Think about what it might be like for a celebrity like Whitney Houston whose everyday problems involve record contracts, the media, and huge money issues.

 It’s not a wonder we’re a drug addicted society.  The most promising part of Whitney’s addiction is that she realized that she had a drug problem and sought out help with that drug addiction.  She entered a rehab facility as so many other celebrities have done and found ways to cope with not only the stressors of life, but also with the pull towards drugs that she was bound to feel.

 Just like Whitney Houston, you are not alone in your drug addiction.  There are places you can go to seek help, and it doesn’t have to be an expensive drug rehab center.  Seek help from your community.  Look for self-help organizations through a church, a therapist, or even in the telephone book.

 Sure, Whitney Houston has been through a lot with her drug addiction, but now she’s on the road to recovery.  You can be just like her.  All it takes is a little honesty with yourself and a little bit of courage.  Let the people who are out there to help you lead you along the way.  You won’t be sorry, just like Whitney isn’t sorry either!