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►  Makes 2 Medium or 2 Small Portions

1 scallion

½ red pepper

½ onion

½in (1.5cm) piece of fresh ginger

½ pomegranate

2½ cups (400g) chickpeas

3 tbsp pine nuts



1 tbsp soy yogurt, or other plant- based yogurt

1 tbsp chopped mint leaves

½ tsp sea salt

pinch of freshly ground white pepper pinch of ground cumin

½ tsp garam masala

pinch of sugar

To make the salad, trim the scallion and slice into fine rings. Remove the seeds from the pepper, then cut into thin strips. Peel and finely chop the onion and ginger. Remove the seeds from the pomegranate. Put the chickpeas into a colander and rinse with cold water before allowing to drain. Put all the prepared ingredients into a bowl.


For the dressing, mix the yogurt, mint, salt, pepper, cumin, garam masala, and sugar. Add the dressing to the salad in the bowl and carefully mix. Toast the pine nuts in a dry pan until golden brown. Pack up the salad and pine nuts separately to take with you, or just combine them ahead of time.