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A wish can be something a child or even an adult wants to happen. It can be something very unrealistic such as a certain event never ending or a love one coming back to them who has died. A wish can be to get a date with the boy you have a crush on or to earn enough money to buy a car before you go off to college. Some wishes are out of our reach while others we can work to make happen.


There are many different types of events that occur in our world that lead a person to wish. Most of us don’t stop to question why such beliefs take place but we follow them anyway. There are wishing wells that you toss coins into and make your wish. Fountains of this nature are also found in many locations. 


Some people say you should make a wish when you see a star falling from the sky. Another popular time is when you are blowing out the candles on your birthday cake. Most people believe that you should never share the wishes you make with others. They are yours and yours alone to believe in.


Making wishes can be fun and they can help to keep us young at heart. The amount of faith that a person has in such wishes though can often determine many things in their life. Some wishes you can be very optimistic about and make a conscious effort to work towards them. Others are merely things you wish could be even though it is very likely it will occur for you.


There are some organizations out there that work hard to make wishes come true for people though. For example they have programs to help families buy their first home. This may seem like a simple wish but if you don’t have one it is a huge thing to think about. For others it may be to get something for Christmas and that can happen through generous donations.


There are foundations out there for dying individuals who want to have one last wish. They work hard to make it happen regardless of what it is. This could be going to Disneyland, meeting a celebrity, or seeing their favorite professional football team playing a game. There is no limit to the wishes a person can have and most of us have a few we would like to see come true.