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Becoming a leader is a privilege that not every person can be given. A person that is awarded this distinction should make sure that he is maximizing his abilities to achieve the expectations of his peers, whether it be in school, community or work. However, there is no such thing as a perfect leader and no guide to become one. A leader makes mistakes but works towards minimizing its impact to those below him. A good leader makes sure that mistakes are minimized and results are prioritized. 

 It is almost impossible for a leader to make the right decisions but being consistent in making the favorable choice is better. Let’s be realistic, leaders aren’t fortunetellers and they can’t always predict the results of their actions. Leaders should accept the results of their decisions and be liable. Once requested to come up with a decision, a leader should be confident and sure about his actions for him to garner the respect of his subordinates, who should have confidence in the moves of their superior.

 Having a strong mind is key for those that want to develop their leadership skills. Leaders are commonly tasked to come up with crucial decisions, which always has a significant effect on the future of a group or company. Being strong means not being afraid to make mistakes but also being smart in making the pros more prominent that the consequences.  

 However, groups should be wary if their leader has a weak personality. This trait is considered a major hindrance to a group or company’s progress. The leaders that have a weak personality will scheme to influence their superiors to make decisions that will serve their interests. A group with weak leadership will struggle to achieve its goals, as its members won’t be united and always pursue what is best for them and not for all.

 Another key trait that makes a good leader is not being afraid in expressing opinions. A good leader always has something to say on important matters. He works diligently to pool the ideas of others to come up with a solution that is beneficial for all. Having an opinion means that you are thinking about what steps should be taken in order to achieve progress. Different people have different ideas and the leader should be patient in understanding the desires of his subordinates and make sure that his decision is right. In addition, a true leader is sensitive and will always work for what’s best and uphold the rights of his people.