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In public, you may display your thoughts and ideas by using visual aids. A prop is used as an object in a particular presentation. These items support you in your public speaking. The whole lecture itself is considered a prop. Chairs, pens, overhead projectors, markers, and other audio visual aids are all forms of props. This simply means that a prop is the same as a visual aid.


There are many kinds of props which you may use for a successful presentation. This can be a good substitute for an introductory statement. This can also generate a more interesting approach to the audience. These props can be a good warm up for your listeners such as displaying some colorful drawings and graphs as your visual aids. 


Using visual aids can help you concentrate and guide you on the presentation points you are delivering as well as guiding your listeners. They may follow the outlines and the topic points that are in the visual aid. 


It is a very good tool in getting the attention of your listeners, instead of using handouts and notes. You may make a presentable approach by using a computer-generated power point. This prop can create a more interactive connection. 


Many of your audience can be visually oriented and relate more to what you are saying. It allows your audience to understand well the points you are referring to because you have added variety and interest by using well-displayed illustrations.


You can use other props for presentation. You may pass them around for an anticipated and exciting presentation. You may encounter this in large venues where a box or a ball is being passed around in the audience. 


You may also distribute some snacks while they are looking at the crossword puzzle you have on the visual aid. Drawings and puzzles are very good choices for icebreakers. If you have grouped them, the members can help each other and work as a team to find a solution.


Props are a very good substitute for notes and handouts. You may display illustrations in seminars and workshops as outlines in your presentation. You may also project a photo of a specific thing during a public speaking presentation. 


Be sure that everybody sees it and has a good a view of it. Even when you are using visual aids, you have to make sure that you focus on your audience and make the audience also attend to the things you are saying. Visual aids are important in making you an effective public speaker.