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Ask yourself these questions:

  • Am I working effectively? 
  • Is the work I do efficient? 
  • Do I have many fruitful hours of work or am I always distracted? 

There are a number of time management tips to help you organize your office or workplace time more effectively and efficiently to get more out of your usual work day. 

Workplace Time Management Tips: 

1.) Purchase An Answering Machine Or Get A Secretary To Answer Your Phone Messages

Rather than being constantly being distracted by answering your telephone, hire a secretary or get an answering machine to take your phone messages for you. You can then set them aside at a certain point in the day to return those calls. Be breaking apart the time you spend doing your work and taking phone calls, you will be able to focus more clearly on the each task at hand so you can get more out of your time. Having and practicing effective time management skills would give you focus on the current important tasks. With this, an important time management tip would be to minimize distractions as much as possible, such as using the phone and the computer while working for e-mails. 

2.) Make A To-Do List For The Days Ahead

You can sometimes see To-Do lists as a usual time management tip. Practicing effective time management skills and techniques on your workplace means that before you leave for the office or your workplace, you already have a prepared to-do list for the day. Hence you will easily be able to plan ahead your day. This way, once you enter your workplace you know exactly what to do in order to focus your attention on that.

3.) Do Things That Would Take 5 Minutes Or Less Immediately

Another time management skill in the workplace is that if you do a task that would only take you 5 minutes or less you need to that as soon as you receive it. When doing this, you will get the less important things out of the way immediately and you won’t waste time thinking about doing it later.

4.) Keeping Your Workplace Clean And Organized

One of the major causes of ineffective time management, especially in the workplace, is not keeping your desk or office organized. Keep your office well organized, like keeping in places you have assigned them to and you won’t waste your time searching for things that you need. Doing this also minimizes items from going missing as you would know exactly where you left them. 

5.) Prioritizing

Setting and listing your major priorities is vital. Therefore, an important time management tip would be that you should and always know both long term and daily basis of what your priorities are. 

6.) Dividing Your Workload

You don’t have to do everything yourself. You can divide yours with other office personnel. This not only cuts time in terms of finishing your office workload but also makes it easier on your part. When you know someone in your workplace that can get the job done faster than you then you can delegate the load to that person.  

7.) Setting Smart Goals

Setting goals that would be achievable, rewarding, specific, and timely would let you know what you are working towards for. Goals are useful in presenting to you what kind of steps you need to take in order to fulfill your dreams for the future.