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Time management can be done by just about anyone. Most people would like to believe they have full control of their time. However, most of the time they are consumed by trying to fit in every priority into what little time they have. There will always be deadlines, whether it is imposed by events such as a flight schedule that would leave at a certain time, or by other people like your boss that asks you to do a project and he needs it by the end of the week. 

How can you effectively manage your time when you only have control of a meager percentage of your time? There are techniques that you can do to provide solution to this daunting question. 

1.) Note Where You Spend Your Time

Try to have a log book or a “To-do” list where you can note down what you are doing and what else needs to be done. This will better help you manage your time, so you don’t end up repeating tasks. Sometimes it would take longer for you to do this but this exercise will help you start off in managing your own time by highlighting where you are spending most of your time. Hence, you will be able to evaluate what you do and decide whether or not you need to change your time emphasis.

2.) Applying The 80/20 Rule

The 80/20 rule simply means that 80% of the results would come from the 20% of the time and effort that you use. Analyze and work on what you can do best that can guarantee the best results for your effort. Then, spend time doing that rather than doing some activities that are unproductive and can lead to delay on your work. 

3.) Leaving Things Unfinished

This may sound like it’s the opposite of time management but there are lots of things that can come across our paths that can be safely ignored and undone. Therefore, you can postpone them some other time. An example would be checking your e-mails whether or not it will arrive at your recipient or not. If it is really urgent, then you can ask for someone’s help to take your place so you can make sure you still accomplish whatever needs to get done.

4.) Skipping The News

The daily news on the television will continue to happen whether you watch it for 30 minutes a day or not. You will find out that cutting out watching the news on the television has a good side effect of automatically cutting out lots of negativity in your life. This is like killing two birds with one stone as you also gain 30 more minutes to do your work. 

5.) Learn To Say No

Perhaps one of the most effective time management techniques is practicing to say no to less important tasks and events. When you can say no, you gain an assertion technique that can and should be developed. When you can do this, you can finish the more important tasks earlier rather than putting them off at a later time. You will also avoid cramming just to get everything done on time.

6.) Hiring The Services Of Others

When you really need help to finish all the things you need to be done, you can always hire some help. For instance, you can hire cleaners for your home, or a gardener to look and keep your garden clean while you do your work. Entrust these less important tasks to the people you hired.