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To be an effective public speaker, you need to communicate well your speech to the audience. You have to get their attention every time you are speaking. It is important in public speaking that the audience hear and understand the topics you are pointing out. 


You have to know how to use your voice in public speaking. The use of voice may depend on the crowd who is listening. You should also consider the place or the venue where you are going to speak.


Always remember that you have to deliver your message clearly to your audience. Always be confident when delivering your statements and all words must be pronounced correctly. You may speak with a provocative approach. In this way, you may build your credibility to your listeners.


However, there are instances where you may experience some kind of fear or nervousness in public speaking. Sometimes you may experience anxiety when you stand up in front of an audience. You might even get awkward when speaking and tend to lower your voice. You may think to finish your speech much faster.


Nervousness is normal, especially when you are speaking in front of a hostile audience. You have to continue and just let your anxiety go away. Make yourself comfortable so that your audience can be relaxed as well. Take the opportunity to impress your audience. You are the main attraction of the presentation. Audiences expect you to give them all the important insights and ideas. 


Your ideas can be unique enough to surprise your listeners, not knowing if they are satisfied with your public speaking. Some speakers tend to think that they will be judged badly and not all of your listeners will agree on what you are saying. 


Be in control of things and do not think that they do not get the point of what you are saying. Be comfortable so that you will not make mistakes and lose your course on the topic. You might get humiliated if you do not have the confidence and guts for standing in front of them. The spotlight is yours and you must be yourself. You have to establish your own personality so that your audience will like you. In this way, you can show that you are able interact with them. 


Public speaking is a challenging task. Nevertheless, if you have the personality and style a speaker must have, your audience will remember you and the things that you delivered to them. It is always a nice thing to hear claps and praises after your speech.