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One popular method of time management that has proven to be effective for many people is the posec method. Posec stands for “Prioritize by organizing, stream-line, economizing, and contributing.”

To prioritize means to put first things first. The Posec method is loosely based around Laslow’s theories regarding the “Heirarchy of Needs”. It gives the individual a realistic tool for setting priorities as they pertain to ones own unique needs and life goals.

Organizing involves making a plan to work on goals that will help the individual feel more stable and secure. (This is a plan for meeting the individuals most basic needs, including food, clothing, shelter, safety and especially for love and acceptance.)

Stream-lining applies to those “dirty” little jobs that no-one wants to do, but everyone must do, such as work and chores. (This involves managing and maintaining one’s stability and security.)

Economizing refers to things that should be done, or things that are enjoyable, but which also may not be urgently in need of being done. (Lower on the list of priorities.)

Contributing involves social contribution. What you give back to the world (when other goals are met then this becomes more feasible based on Laslows understanding of the human psyche).

The posec method offers clear guidance for assisting an individual in prioritizing goals. Theoretically this method should encourage movement upward on the “hierarchy” charts.

Since Laslows theories are intricately related to this method of time management it is helpful if the individual applying this method is familiar with his research in regards to “the Heirarchy of Needs.”