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Being a leader entails a lot of responsibility. There are just too many skills and traits that a leader must have to be able to be effective in handling the position. A leader is a figurehead, a top representative and an executive person of an organization, a team or a company. Public speaking skills and leadership are two of the must-haves a person should possess to be able to handle great responsibilities that come with managing a group or a firm.

 Why is it important to have public speaking skills? A leader has to be an effective communicator. They must be able to express themselves clearly within and more especially outside the organization. Because modern businesses and groups value transparency more, the leader must be able to ensure all people that his management is as transparent and clean as it should be. The company has a running responsibility to its shareholders, so the leader must be held accountable for any organizational and management action. All these actions can only be justified if the figurehead is able to speak for the management.

 The leader must be a charming and a convincing speaker. He must be persuasive enough to convince members and constituents to his call to action. He must be charismatic enough to be able to speak in the purpose of pacifying members and people. To be able to gain trust, the leader must speak well and justify the management’s strategies and actions.

 On top of public speaking skills is the natural leadership potential of the leader. Leadership entails that they are able to lead effectively and by example. Without leadership skills, the leader wouldn’t be able to control the actions and behaviors of his constituents. Leadership isn’t necessarily shown through authoritativeness and dictatorship. A good leader must be diplomatic and democratic to ensure that the members of the organization will have full cooperation and support for the management.

You must know by now that leaders aren’t born. They are made. Public speaking skills and leadership potential aren’t congenital to the leader. They are developed and acquired through years of learning, experiences, insights and a significant amount of striving efforts. Sheer determination also makes a leader become a more responsible, more effective and more respectable. Leaders are given so much responsibility. you may fail to become an effective leader if you aren’t able to rise up as a figurehead that you should be.