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For people who are struggling with drug addiction, recovery seems like an impossible task.  The drugs have taken hold of their lives in ways that they never thought was possible.  They can’t imagine their lives without drugs.  But recovery from drug addiction, although very difficult, IS possible with some work and effort.

 The first step toward recovery from your drug addiction is admitting that a problem exists.  This is often the hardest part.  Take a good look at your life and your drug use.  See how it has affected various part of your life.  

 A good way to start doing this is by writing things down.  Make categories such as “family”, “money”, “job”, “school”, etc.  Once you have categories, start making lists as to how your drug use has affected each one.  It’s essential that you are brutally honest with yourself as you begin to go through the parts of your life and how your drug use has had implications on the various aspects of it.

 Once you realize you have a problem with drugs, recovery from that drug addiction can truly start.  You need to tell your family and ask for their support.  Be heartfelt and honest about your own realizations and ask them to share their own feelings about your drug use.  When you have the support of your family, your recovery will go much easier.

 You will need to decide whether you are going to attempt your recovery on your own or with the help of a rehab clinic.  If you decide to go it alone, it’s essential that you find a qualified medical professional to help you with withdrawal symptoms as well as a therapist or counselor to help you with the emotions you are going to be feeling.

 Drugs are a huge part of your life if your use has progressed to addiction, and recovery from taking that out of your life is very emotional.  It’s like taking away your best friend, which isn’t easy at all.  When you have someone you can talk to about it and help you understand why you are feeling the way you are, it’s an easier recovery.

 You may want to also find some type of 12 step program like Alcoholics Anonymous or Narcotics Anonymous.  Here you will find others who are going through the same emotions and feelings that you are.  Most people who are in 12 step programs report success during their recovery from addiction mainly because of the support they find from others.

 Recovery from drug addiction isn’t an easy process.  It’s hard work and can be frustrating and lonely at times.  But when you are committed to your recovery, you can successfully beat your drug addiction and really start living life again – but this time, you’ll be living healthy and drug free!