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If you want to raise a future leader, you should begin now, when your child is still young.  People aren’t born leaders.  Whatever leaders have become in adulthood is the product of how their environment influenced their thoughts and personality.  If you want to bring up your child to become a leader, here are ways you can use:

 Help them establish a sense of identity.

A strong sense of one’s identity can help your child stand on his own and stick to his guns especially during times when his authority or value is being questioned.  Let him know what makes him special and compliment him on the positive qualities that you admire in him.  

 Help your child see that he is worth it, whether he is standing alone or working with a group.  A future leader must be confident enough to tackle challenges and stand by his own choices.

 Play fair.

Rules aren’t imposed to restrict but to allow them to know within what maximum threshold of values they can perform.  Set rules that are fair to all, rules that will acknowledge performance, reward value and impose discipline.  When these rules are set, make sure they are followed.

 Encourage kids to accept their mistakes.

If kids can recognize and acknowledge their mistakes, they will see responsibility as a healthy part of their lives.  They will no longer fear taking part in things that will expand their horizons but will become more willing to take on new things and contribute what they can.

 Don’t play up the negatives.

There will always be times when kids make the wrong choices and make mistakes, but that is part of a lifelong process.  Reprimand if you have to, but do so in private.  Your child’s self-esteem is an important component of his potential leadership role.  If he’s confident, he’s much more likely to become a leader.

 Be there to support and guide, never to intervene or substitute.

It’s natural for parents to feel protective of their kids.  However, we must acknowledge that kids are individuals just like ourselves.  They have their own thoughts, ideas and personalities that also need to be discovered and developed.  

 Show unconditional love and respect.

Showing you love and respect your child in whatever he does can go a long way in helping him develop confidence and encourage him to be non-judgmental and show respect for others as well.

 Ease up on the pressure.

The leadership role must be something your child should enjoy and they shouldn’t feel obliged to perform all the time.  Let him enjoy his childhood, too.