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Being a leader is probably one of the most gratifying rewards a person can have. Whether one becomes a leader in school, work or in a community, they receive this distinction to do their best to attain the expectations of their constituents. However, there is no guide for someone to be a perfect leader. Leadership is arguably a God given talent and can be detected at an early age and developed all throughout life. Leaders are those that have a strong, opinionated mind and are sensitive to the needs of others.

 Developing a strong mind is crucial for those that want to become true leaders. It is no secret that leaders are always asked to make important decisions, which have a huge impact on the direction of a company or group. The leader should be strong in the sense that he is not afraid to commit mistakes but smart enough to make sure that the pros outweigh the cons. 

 It is nearly impossible for a leader to always make the right decision given that situations are always different and new approaches should be made. A leader should always accept the consequence of his actions and ready to be accountable for the consequences of his decisions. Once asked to make decision, a leader should be firm and sure about his actions in order for his subordinates to have confidence that their superior is doing the right thing.

 Leaders with a weak personality will easily be influenced by those around him and always rely on the advise of others. These types of leaders always succumb to hearsay and don’t trust themselves. An organization with weak leadership always has a big chance of not attaining its goals, as the members will always scramble to influence the leader to follow their own interests. Truly, a strong will is a quality great leaders have.

 Another key quality of a good leader is being opinionated. A leader should always have a say on every issue that his group becomes in involved in. He or she should have views on what steps need to be taken to solve a problem and always work to attain the best solution. Of course, having an opinion means that one’s mind is working towards finding a solution. Opinions from different people are always different but a leader should always find a way to pool the best ideas and come up with a decision that is favorable to all.