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Several people despise the idea of having to verbally elaborate anything in front of an audience. Research has shown that the anxiety of public speaking stems from the following reasons:  


  1. The display of signs of anxiety such as shaking or trembling.


Surely, not a lot of people would like to be seen by a massive audience looking like a wimp, making a fool of one’s self while jittering and trembling.


  1. The fear of mental block.


There could be nothing more embarrassing than being waited upon to say things when you realize that your memory has just failed you. It is not uncommon with people who are speaking in front of a large audience for their mind to go blank . This is caused by the mental stress one undergoes while speaking in public. 


  1. Doing anything embarrassing.


The fear of becoming a laughingstock is what makes public speaking very frightening. With a large audience before you, you never know what’s in their mind while you are giving your best in delivering your speech. 


  1. Discontinuing the speech.


It’s another phenomenon that is commonplace with public speaking when one stops talking. Making people wait for your next words is stressful enough to hate public speaking. 


  1. Not making sense or saying silly things.


Like all the other reasons as to why a lot of people cringe at the thought of speaking in public, mumbling unintelligible words is another one of those shameful things that many would not want to experience.


After knowing all of these terrible things that people are trying to avoid when deciding on a public speaking engagement, it’s high time to learn what can one do to prevent these from happening.



The key element in order not to be a victim of these incidents is to be well-prepared. Nothing can beat preparation when it comes to public speaking. Even the smartest person can make use of ample time to gather all the resources he or she will use before delivering a speech. 



Practice will also make things more well-facilitated. Getting more comfortable with your subject entails practicing the speech in front of a smaller audience like your family or even just by yourself. 



Also, relaxing oneself before, during and after the speech will make things sail a lot smoother. Doing things that can put you in a relaxed mood such as eating chocolates, getting a breath of fresh air, or even smoking, though not a healthy option, might help you in psyching your body before the talk.