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Leaders have many distinct qualities that enable them to standout from the rest of the crowd. They are good decision makers, aggressive, scheming, good estimators and good communicators. The skill of communicating entails the skill in showing results, or in other words, presentation especially of financial and corporate results. To become a good leader, a person must learn to become a good public speaker.

 Companies communicate with the rest of the business community and with investors through the leader. There are communication personnel, but it would still be the leader who will be the sole source or reliable and detailed information about the company. Shareholders and analysts would not seriously take facts released by the company unless that information is released through the leader.

 Corporate firms must release financial status every quarter, every half-year and every year. That is because doing so is an important regulatory requirement. Companies have the responsibility of sharing to its shareholders basic and pertinent data about the overall performance of the firm. Thus, regular profits and even losses must be revealed to investors.

 It is a standard practice that the company’s leader should state in the financial results. That is because shareholders, analysts and the entire market will see the company’s financial performance as a representation of the leader’s ability and skill to manage the firm well and effectively.

 If the leader is a good speaker, the market and the investors will still be positive about any bad news or negative movements in earnings. If otherwise, the company could be put in a bad light and the leader might receive criticism not just from insiders but also from spectators. Thus, it is important that a leader develop a sense of charisma or charm in public speaking. He must be charming enough to herald good results triumphantly and break bad news or incurred losses humbly but in a graceful and dignified manner so the market will still remain bullish and optimistic.

 Not only that. The leader must be able to come up with great presentation skills. Presentation of results isn’t just about public speaking. Presentation materials must be enhanced and made more effective to support the words that the leader would declare. In this case, the leader can employ a team of good communicators and presentation personnel to handle the preparation of presentation materials.

 Showing results to become a good leader is imperative. Presentation skills are more than congenital. It can be developed and acquired depending on the motivation of the leader.