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Managers nowadays have difficulty trying to manage their time. They are swarmed with several tasks at once, therefore it is seemingly impossible to be able to complete everything on time. Oftentimes, the work tend to consume even ones’ personal life instead of being limited to the work sphere. 

To address the problem at hand, this is when personal time management plays an important role. When you are capable of managing your time well, you won’t have trouble trying to meet last-minute deadlines or encounter double meetings. 

Why Do People Have Poor Time Management

Proper time management is an essential factor for success. You cannot tend to be complacent just because you have used what could be proven methods in dealing with smaller projects. If you have used certain methods on some projects, you cannot expect the achieve the same success rate with larger or different projects. 

By doing this, you will notice some discrepancy in the result of the project you are working on. However, you can do something about it. More especially in terms of changing your scheduling habit and become more efficient. 

The Different Aspects of Personal Time Management

Time management involves various aspects. Almost all managers recognize one or two but very few can recognize all of them. Keeping track of your activities goes beyond the basic managerial skills. It even goes beyond project planning and effective delegation.

With this kind of time management, you will be able to reduce and even eliminate wasted time. You will also be able to decide whether you can accept workloads or not. The best part is that you won’t have to bring your business to your home anymore. Moreover, all you need is a little self-discipline to make things work.

With waste disposal, you only have to look at the various sources of waste. This will allow you to pinpoint non-work related activities. However, it doesn’t mean you have to eliminate all breaks. You have to be able to choose what is more important. After all, time management is all about identifying priorities and working on them.

When you want a subordinate to do something, there is always the risk that it won’t be done on time. To make sure that something is done on time, it is better to do it yourself. This increases the level of productivity as you know what to do and how to do it. Even the simple task of photocopying a memo and affixing your signature on them can lead to delays if the bureaucracy is too pronounced and if the subordinates slip up.

Another big problem is when you have to decide whether you have to help someone else with their job. This may be in line with your goal of creating a harmonious workplace. However, this leads to loss in time for your own work. 

You have to consider how much time you need to devote for your work. Also, you need to recognize the additional work that you might agree to do for your officemate. This way, you can choose whether to accept or defer a call for help. Of course, you also have to look at the nature of the job. If it is on contrast to your own field, then it might take longer to finish.

Personal time management is easy. Identify and set up your priorities. This way, you can manage time successfully.