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Being able to have children is a gift. Simply feeding and clothing is not enough because these are just some of the things that parents will be doing to help he or she grow up.

 One of the most important jobs of parents is to be able to build self esteem in a child. This will allow the person to succeed in the future regardless of the career chosen.

 Since children look up to the parents as role models, it is only best to start from the very top. Many of these people have to work for a living to put food on the table. When the topic of work comes around and the children are present, it is always best to think and say something positive so that the children will inherit the same attitude when it comes to school. 

 In the same manner, when parents help the children with the homework, it is perfectly all right to help do some of it to make the person understand and then let the kid work on the rest. This should be double check later on to ensure the rest of the assignment is correct which will surely pay off when the report card comes in.

 Studies have shown that getting a child into sports can also help build self esteem. It wouldn’t hurt to try something new such as soccer or basketball which are team sports that will foster teamwork and camaraderie.

 If the child is not doing well compared to the others, perhaps it is time to buy a goal or a mini court and have this installed at home. Playing with the kids and having fun at the same time may be the extra practice that is needed in order for the player to do better in the game.

 Not everyone is talented in sports. It is a good thing there are other skills the child can participate in to boost self esteem. There are music lessons using various instruments and art classes using paint, oil or charcoal. The child has to start somewhere and who knows, this could be the person’s passion in the future.

 There is another way to boost the child’s self esteem. This involves doing something that has never been done before while spending some quality time. Father and son can go through a different bike trail in the woods or have mom and daughter bake a few goodies in the kitchen. 

 There is a chance the group could get lost or the things that come out in the oven are burned. The point is, the child will not know what will happen without trying and part of self confidence is being able to take a risk and becoming a better person no matter what happens in the end.

 When this has been developed, this is the time that the child should be allowed to make some choices. Parents should be supportive regardless of the outcome but should always give words of caution and wisdom. 

 After all, there are risks worth taking and there are others that are not worth it. Knowing the difference between what is right or wrong and being able to understand and weigh the consequences is another important lesson in life.