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Nurses do their best to take care and provide sufficient health care  services to people who need it. Nursing is defined as the care for the sick and maintenance of people’s health as well. Nursing deals with the tasks of promoting growth, caring and feeding for infants and toddlers, preventing diseases, promoting good health, assisting in faster recovery, and promoting good health to their patients. 

Nurses can employ several techniques in order to have effective time management. When they have successfully done that, it saves them from a lot of stress so they can be more productive and efficient. Some of these techniques are:

1.) Organizing And Planning The Days Ahead

Planning ahead your itinerary for the day and for the days ahead will make life easier for most nurses. The list is an effective time management tool that they can consult for what set of tasks they are scheduled to accomplish within a given day. This might seem really simple but it could spell the difference between a highly stressed day over an efficient one. 

However, for the list to be effective it must be very specific. Include time frames for each set of activities or activity. Therefore, you will know whether you are spending so much time doing one thing instead of moving on to another task. The length of the list varies according to your preference, whether you want to create a list for the day or for the entire week. 

2.) Avoid Distractions

Everyday, we face several distractions in our daily activities. Nurses are no exceptions. With so many distractions, it can lead to waste of time since it could be spent on unnecessary activities. Distractions can come in different forms, whether through taking lots of time on the phone, chatting with fellow nurses or hospital staffs, or watching television. 

These are all unproductive activities that you can do without. And yet, they cause you to loss valuable time or even neglect your duties to your patients.

3.) Planning Daily Goals

Listing down your daily set of activities is not enough. You also need to have a set of goals that will aim to motivate you in doing or finishing your tasks. These goals will help nurses do their tasks more efficiently. It is not just a matter of completing your tasks, but you must also determine whether you have accomplish your goal. 

4.) Thinking Positive

Positive thinking will help boost a nurse’s performance at work. With it, they can follow their list of activities with better functionality. It can always be seen that optimism helps achieve better results. A nurse should teach one’s self to strive harder on their task, to always perform better. 

Nurses with proper time management skills and have lessen the stress they experience tend to have a more pleasing personality. Stress indeed can be