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In public speaking, you need to consider using notecards and outlines as your guide in your presentation.  It is important that you make an outline on how will you deliver your public speaking. 


You have to find an interesting subject for discussion. You must have full knowledge on the particular subject that you will bring up to your listeners. A topic must be considered to be educationally sensitive, worthwhile, appropriate, and have a limited scope.


You may choose a pattern of organization that includes a beginning, middle, and an ending. This serves as your outline on how you will address your public speaking. 


You can use different strategies and techniques for the audience’s active participation and involvement. It is not recommended that they will only listen to you and you will do the talking alone. 


It is important that you are creative in delivering a worthwhile speech for a much-appreciated presentation. You may start by following the outline you made to make a well-organized speech. Here are steps on how you will outline your speech:


  1. You have to know your purpose and objectives on the particular topic that you will discuss. You may set a goal on how they will benefit and what they will learn on that particular topic


  1. You must choose an interesting topic to be discussed. It should be delivered with full knowledge. You must have references and handouts for a more convenient presentation.


  1. Gather all the necessary information that can be brought out during your discussion. Entertain questions and involve your audience in activities.


  1. Make an organized outline. This can guide you to keep track of  the time that was allotted to you. It is important that you follow the outline to have a more organized discussion.


  1. Have a working outline. This is one important tool in delivering your speech. You may include notecards to keep you on track  during the discussion period.


  1. Make a lively introduction. You have to get the attention of your listeners and make your presence felt. You have to establish your credibility before you start your public speaking.


  1. Make conclusions that can make an impact on the whole presentation. You need to consider if they have questions or suggestions that they may want to bring up. It is important that you have met all of their expectations and learned on the topic.


  1. You may consider documenting your work and giving your sources the credit they deserve.