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Sports can be a great way for children to exercise and make friends. As they grow older, sports can breed a sense of leadership. After all, competitions are won by teams, but teams are only as strong as their leaders can empower them. Moreover, teams can win on the basis of inspiration: if they see their leader or a former player winning competitions, they, too, can feel compelled to win.

 Leadership can mean two things in sports: first, you can be the leader of your team and walk with it on its road to greatness, perhaps as the coach, manager, or captain; second, you can be the leader of your sport by being the best player. In either case, you need to be focused and determined to win. This is the first step to being a leader in anything, you need to know what you want because that is the only way you’ll know how to get it.

 Do you aim to be a soccer player, football player, baseball player, or basketball player? Do you aim to be a gymnast, javelin thrower, or pole vaulter? Do you like working with a team or on your own? You need to know exactly what you are good at, and, moreover, you need to know your habits or attitudes. Not all people are suited to work on their own, and not all people work well with a team. You need to know your capacities well before you embark on your quest for leadership in your sport.

 Next, work toward being the best in your chosen sport. This means that you have to train every day, practice every day, and work as hard as you can on all aspects of the sport. The adage “practice makes perfect” is not a cliché: it is a universal truth that you have to take into account, because natural giftedness can only go so far without training. 

 Invest money in your sport. Pick the best trainer, the best equipment, and the best uniform and gear. The very thought of investing money in a sport can impel anyone to do well, if only to recoup one’s investment. If you are working with a team, encourage people to make wise investments in sports-related goods. If your team thinks with one mind, it can play with one mind, and win easily.

 Lastly, be healthy! You need a well-built, well-maintained body to stay in top shape for many years. Eat a balanced diet, drink a lot of water, and consult with your doctor regularly. Soon, you, too can be a leader in your sport.