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Self esteem by definition is the way a person sees oneself. But unknown to many, the attitude that the individual possesses may also do great things for others. 

 This happens as each person plays a significant part in society. At home, the man plays the roles as a husband and wife. At work, the individual is an employee and at times, a friend to those who need someone to listen to.

 Those who have high self esteem are looked up to by the people. In some cases, the name mentor is bestowed on the person. Was it really something the man dreamed about? The answer is no but circumstances have made it happen and those who have it should use it to help others. 

 There are many benefits for playing this role in the life of people. Here are a few with  one end and that is seeing others just as happy as the person. 

 1.First, the mentor is able to build strong relationships with these people. Both parties will learn something from the other, which is also a part of building one’s self esteem. 


  1. All work and no play makes the person dull. It is a good thing that being a mentor to others allows the individual to interact and feel refreshed even if it just for a few hours. 


  1. One of the things that people will learn in school or even at work is networking. The employee may soon leave the company but the connections one has made will surely do well when applying for a new job. Surely, some of  the people the person has helped can make a good referral. 


Those who choose stay can look back and be proud of the motivation one has given to others. This gift that the person has may even make others follow the same example, which may even, to a promotion in the future.  


  1. Isn’t it funny sometimes how a person is to understand something only after having the opportunity to explain it to someone else? This happens and this can help the individual also practice the same values that one is preaching. 


  1. Ever helped someone and felt good about it? A lot of people have experienced that and this even makes the individual continue doing it without any type of reward in return. Seeing others happy will not increase one’s material wealth but it will show that the person has a loving and caring heart. 


  1. Another benefit of helping and seeing others happy is that it helps the person grow confident even further. This is because the person gains experience in these matters, which makes it easier to assist someone who may face the same problem in the future. 


Somebody once said that there is no better sacrifice than giving oneself to others. This doesn’t mean the person has to sacrifice his or her life by taking a bullet. Just being there to offer advice or being a shoulder to cry on is the best thing the individual may need in times of sorrow.  


The accomplishments one has done in life being a mentor to others is something that will always be remembered. In the end, it helps strengthen the existing self esteem of both parties helping both become better people.