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Being a leader in your chosen field is a formidable task. There are many points to consider, so many areas of focus. Being a leader especially in fields high in technology, takes a pool of highly-competent people gearing towards advancement. The medical field is one of those that require constant updates and advancement.

 The medical field is highly dependent on technology, innovation and discoveries. With the emergence of many new diseases, the field has to be constantly on its toes to find the latest cures and treatments. Medical companies, especially pharmaceutical companies, have to continuously make new discoveries to cope with new diseases. Institutions, as well, have to be up-to-date in terms of new medical technology, medications, preventive measures, etc.

 In order for companies and institutions to remain leaders in their field, their top people should be leaders who have the foresight and the depth to set the direction for the future. There are numerous ways to maintain leadership in the medical field as shown below.

 First, leaders must be able to communicate their thrusts to their subordinates articulately through speaking and writing. They have to be able to think of original projects that will give them edge over the others. With the rise in technology and globalization, there is a need to be extremely competitive. 

 Second, the leader must learn to identify the issues in the medical field and must be able to select one that is of high value to society. It would be good to pick a specific issue that may not be important at the present but with foresight, can turn out to be a big issue within a few years.

 Third, having identified the issue of choice, it is time to find the proper intellectual resources within your institution that can help you transform the issue to an opportunity. These intellectual resources are people who should be as highly-motivated as you and have the ability to work through problems efficiently and effectively. 

 Fourth, do research on the issue and see what other companies have come up with regarding the same issue. Reinvent the issue wherein you could start to fiddle with it. This will now allow you to design activities that are all geared to address the issue. It would be good to talk to other leaders in the field to support your presumptions or to give you different perspectives.

 Lastly, the activities conducted within your company must have come up with outputs that will work your way into thinking of new innovations, products or services that your company may contribute to society. Gather your pool of intellectuals and brainstorm on what these products or services may be.