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Just like the question ‘nature versus nurture,’ the question ‘are leaders born or made’ continues to be a debate? Leaders are born meaning they have a natural talent compared to others. Then again, without the needed practice, a leader, just like any athlete, will eventually fail in his endeavor. 

 All great leaders, be it business or social leaders, have natural leadership skills and have devoted years in developing these. By spending a tremendous amount of their time knowing more and more about leadership and how to manage their own companies, these leaders usually come out on top. 

 A natural leader has the four Es. Energy, Energize, Edge and Execute. “Energy” pertaining to the capability to cope with the fast-pace changes in the industry, “Energize” pertaining to the ability to galvanize, excite and encourage the organization to take action, “Edge” pertaining to the self-confidence to take on the decisions of making the “yes” and the “no” that can make or break the company, and “Execute” pertaining to constantly delivering the goods and never disappointing the team.

 It helps to be born with these leadership skills, but a born leader isn’t enough to lead a company. He has to have practice. Therefore it helps that the leader experience trials and errors wherein he will be able to hone the leadership skills in order to figure out his strengths and weaknesses. 

 This is the very reason why major American corporations invest on the financial resources which move the employees to various parts of the organization and engaging them in different kinds of assignments. This process determines the strength of each individual. The company does its best to give the employee the position where he can be of the most use and importance due to what he can do and offer. 

 Thanks to effective coaching, leaders can achieve the highest potential possible. They just need to enhance their innate skills and natural talent by constantly practicing. They can do this by reflecting on what makes them an effective leader. If they have someone who can coach or mentor them, they should be open to that idea. 

 A good leader knows his strengths and weaknesses. He works on both of them. He may be a natural born leader but he can progress by constantly doing right and eradicating or lessening the actions which can be liabilities later on.