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You miss so much if you look at life through the

half-empty glass. Taking the negative slant on life

leads to a life of negative thinking that never sees

the good things that life has to offer.


Take a moment and write down all the things that are

wrong with your life. Then, on a different piece of

paper, write down all of the blessings you have. For a

negative person, this can be hard. Did you wake up in

a warm bed this morning? Was your bed warm? Was there

someone on the other side of the bed? Did you have

breakfast? Did you go to a job? In a car? Did you have

clean, decent clothes to put on?


Each any every one of these things are blessings and

are a positive part of your life. It can be so easy to

think about the negative things: I don’t get paid

enough, my car is old, and the cereal wasn’t fresh –

come on! Half the world would love to have the things

you took for granted just this morning!


What do you ever get out of life by looking at the

negative aspects of your life? Are you a complainer?

Are you a complainer because of your circumstances or

do your circumstances make you complain? How much

worse could things be? When you really think about

your life, aren’t you truly blessed compared to others

around the planet?


Try thinking positively as a way of finding happiness

and satisfaction in your life. Complaining does

nothing except make others around you feel bad, and if

that’s your intention, you need to re-think your