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Often, a leader is someone who is at work or in an organization handling a number of people and doing a multitude of tasks.  The fact of the matter is, leadership starts right in your own home just like everything else. 

 At home, you become a leader in a number of ways and you are certainly a leader if you are a parent, an older sibling, or and elder in charge of young ones. Being a leader at home however, doesn’t merely follow age.  You may be a leader at home if you are assigned certain tasks or chores and the like.

 Dealing with family

So how do you become an effective leader at home regardless of the circumstances?  First, you make certain of the tasks involved.  Then, you learn to delegate to your family members and you ensure that the tasks will be accomplished.  This is what is normally done, and this is also why leadership at home is often overlook and seen as a simple task.

 However, it has also been said that the hardest people to manage and deal with are your family members.  The reason is that emotions are involved, and your personal relationship with your family can’t be compromised. Family is family, and to some dealing with family members is a grueling task.

 To be an effective leader at home, you must be gentle and kind in dealing with your family members.  The structure is very different as compared to an organization or a company because the home need not be made up of a rigid structure of rules and laws.  Love must abound at home, and leadership should gear towards keeping the peace and harmony among family members.

 Rewarding family

 Perhaps, the best way to reward family memberships would be to extend kindness and love.  An exchange of words that affirm this is perhaps the most meaningful way to make appreciation known for a good deed or an accomplished task.  Remember that the key to being a good leader at home is being able to express love even when you have to delegate work.

 It is important to remember that as a leader at home, you must be able to unite the family members to do certain responsibilities that will benefit the whole family. Love and acceptance should never take a backseat, and kindness should always be practiced.  After all, this is your family and the last thing you want is running your home as if it were your office.  There is a big difference and you must make sure you are very aware of that.