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To be a leader means you should be brave and fearless, this however is easier said than done.  After all, everyone has their own set of fears and leaders are no different. Despite your existing fears however, there are ways of becoming a fearless leader and a good one at that. 

 The very first thing that you can do to become a fearless leader is to acknowledge your fears. It is a good idea to keep a journal of your fears and be honest in recording the fears that you think may affect your leadership abilities. The fears may even include those of your personal life especially if they hinder you from becoming an effective leader.

 Getting rid of fears

 After you are able to acknowledge your fears, you are actually on your way to getting rid of them.  This is so because the first step always deals with acceptance. If you are in denial of your fears then there is no way that you can become a fearless leader. It takes humility to be honest about these things, and getting rid of them becomes secondary.

 Now, to work on the said fears you must devise a plan to be brave enough to conquer them. You ask yourself at this point on how you are to eliminate the said fears in your life as a leader, and you do this by being conscious of the instances where these fears overrule your emotions and judgment as a leader.

 Every time you catch yourself acting out an impulse related to a fear of yours, you then try to counteract it with the possible solutions listed in your plan of action.  Be patient with yourself if you find yourself unable to conquer your fears right away. Remember that these things take time, and you will soon find out that there are fears that may be solved easier than others. Thus, it sometimes becomes a trial and error and perseverance is a good trait that you are learning as you deal with the fears. 

 Rewarding yourself

 In dealing with your fears, you are gaining strength and wisdom as a leader. It is important however that you also recognize your triumphs over your fears.  For you to keep on doing a good job, you must also take time to reward yourself for being a better leader.  You do this by treating yourself or allowing yourself to indulge in certain things that make you happy.  This way, you can actually look forward to eliminating the fears and it becomes a more rewarding experience.