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Fashion is a fast growing industry that has remained steadfast in its role in culture and society. This is why being a fashion leader proves to be an exciting opportunity for anyone who is passionate about fashion.  However, before anyone can be proclaimed as a fashion leader in his/her own right, there are a few standards that must be met.

 Becoming a person of fashion

 It isn’t enough to be knowledgeable about fashion and its evolution in history. It is important for a fashion leader to exude fashion in his/her lifestyle, and this should be most obvious with how he/she dresses. You are what you put on in fashion, and it is the very first glimpse that people get of your fashion vision and your capability to address fashion-forward people.

 Nowadays, everyone wants to be in fashion.  In fact, some think that they can easily classify themselves as a fashion leader if they have a certain style or if they can afford certain brands of clothing. Remember that style can’t be bought, nor can the right to be considered a fashion leader be merely dependent on the brand(s) that you wear.

 Fashion may be an industry that is known to be superficial, however it remains to be an industry with discriminating tastes and an attempt to penetrate the said industry is much harder than it seems.  Some even say that it is who you know in fashion and not what you know, despite this there are those with superb talent, skill, in vision that make it regardless of their fashion connections.

 Finding your way in fashion

 Clearly, being a fashion leader demands a certain level of commitment that mere followers don’t have.  As a fashion leader, you are expected to know a lot about fashion and be able to adopt an image that says fashion.  Again, aesthetics is very important in this field and undoubtedly your own personal style on fashion is needed to catapult you into fashion leader status. 

 Furthermore, there are also fashion leaders who don’t necessarily follow the rules of fashion but are said to have a number of followers. This is because while fashion has its do’s and don’ts, this field is also about innovation and breaking the rules set forth by previous fashion eras.  Also, for you to seal your fate as a fashion leader, you must have a following who believes in your fashion direction.  After all what is a leader without support from his followers?