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Union leadership isn’t just a higher level position in a union you belong. It is a responsibility that caters to both you and your comrades. It is a task that you hold for the benefit of all. How to be a deserving union leader poses serious obligations to a group of people who have delegated you for the purpose of breaking barriers and following trails to success.

 There are many aspects to being a union leader. First is the responsibility. A trustworthy, strong and knowledgeable person that could carry the torch for the entire group are just some of the best qualities of a deserving union leader.

 A true deserving union leader doesn’t just lead the way, but he also keeps a trail and falls back to the end of the line to check up on everyone. There is authority but not to the extent that all decisions are to be made only by him. A deserving union leader facilitates the needs, problems and solutions of the group in such a way that everyone has a say in every event and situation.

 A deserving union leader doesn’t keep important information only to himself, but opens up all vital information that every one needs to know. He is a good example for others, teaching them the highlights of his experience and encouraging his teammates to follow a legacy of great leadership.

 Honesty, integrity, loyalty and trustworthy are important traits that a deserving union leader should possess. Fighting for the right causes and keeping the harmony in balance are also his responsibility. Members of his team will learn all these things from him, thus, molding them through the practices of their leader.

 The greater good is always a union leader’s main focus. Endeavors that benefit the entirety of his team will always be fought with effort and dignity; and members are encouraged to express themselves and their opinions to give each and everyone a voice,  for no one is a minority with a deserving union leader. 

 Lastly, a deserving union leader looks at all endeavors universally, thus making an effort for the benefit of all. No task is simple, but it can be made with much enthusiasmand support from every corner of the globe, ensuring that the labor force is well-supported and taken care of. 

 Don’t ask yourself on to how to be a deserving union leader, instead, do everything you can to be the best union leader that sets examples and leaves a legacy of true union leadership for the world to follow.