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If you’ve ever studied philosophers and political scientists, you might have encountered many thought leaders. These were learned scholars and speakers in their fields who espoused a new thought, encouraged change, and actually altered the ways that people perceived the world. In this world so well-wired and steeped in technology, you might think that we no longer need thought leaders to guide us on our way.

 As long as there are humans to think, however; and as long as human nature remains the way it is, thought leaders will always be needed. In fact, the world of Web 2.0 encourages thought leaders to thrive: blogs, online diaries, and the ease of making one’s own website to reach out to the world can further foster the spirit of camaraderie and communication that can give birth to great thought leaders. The spirit of free speech and welcome opinion-giving online, moreover, can help thought leaders rise to the top faster.

 You may be dreaming of being such a leader: one who can change the world with his or her thoughts, and one who can espouse a new mode of thinking that can help people get through this wired world. If you dream about being such a leader, then you will need to get all your writing materials together because you have a lot of documenting to do!

 Being a thought leader begins with a thought; and getting a good thought in your head means that you should observe society in general. Go through as many resources as you can: read the newspaper, read news on the Internet, observe how people write or express their opinions, observe stock market trends, and stay updated on current literature. 

 There are many ways for you to go right in observing society, but there is only one way to go wrong. Never isolate yourself from it. You might think that a personal treat can help you see the situation from the outside, but this shouldn’t stop you from being a part of society and understanding what makes it tick. 

 Carry a notebook and pen with you wherever you go. Great ideas can strike you at the least predictable times, so be ready to document the ideas. You may also need to keep a blog so that you can write your ideas down. A blog can also give people access to your ideas, so make sure that you market your blog relentlessly. Post ideas on other blogs that espouse your own ideas, and join groups or forums that you can participate in and share your blog with.

 Lastly, engage in idea discussions offline. There’s no better way to get more ideas than by stimulating your brain.