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Some individuals out there have so little in the way of tangible things or money. Yet they are very happy people because their life if filled with faith, hope, and love. They are able to embrace the good things enough that they can get over the humps and bumps when life isn’t going there way. Too many people in our society believe that having more money is the way to solve all their problems. Yet there are more than enough of these rich unhappy people out there to tell you it isn’t what you would imagine it to be like.

Faith, hope, and love will definitely be topics found in any religion that you choose to be a part of. They are also found in many passages in the Bible. It makes since that these three elements are so closely intertwined with each other. The love we have for ourselves and others often leads us to have hope that they will be successful and that they will pull through all of the things that come their way. 

All of us have different levels of faith that we deal with. Some are very spiritual and emotional. Too many of us don’t take the time for our faith or to explore how we really feel about it. We turn to it when life gets rough but we tend to ignore it when things are going well for us. It is important to remember not to take things for granted though. 

It doesn’t matter where you are in your life though because it will be more fulfilling if you have faith and you have hope. Without love to give to others and to get from people you will be very lonely. No amount of money or success can take the place of those things. With that being said it is time to really be honest with yourself and think about what these things mean to you.

Should your answers reveal that you don’t feel them enough as you would like to then make a choice to change that. You can love unconditionally and that will serve you better than worrying about being hurt in the future. You can find things you have faith in and that you are passionate about. Having hope is a way to really focus on the good things in life and to make the best out of what is in front of you.