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You can make it easy if you really want to.  Although there are those who would give the usual advice of attending a meeting with the famous Toastmasters in order to hone your impromptu speaking skills, this is not as necessary as being aware of yourself and the skills you could objectively define as good, better, best, or needs improvement.  

 If you know the level of your ability and if you feel you are ready for an actual job speaking in public, the following could be a convenient and effective means to land that speaking job you have always wanted.

 Search, search, search and search

 Google and Yahoo search is there to help anyone and everyone so make use of it.  It is free and is also a quick and efficient way to find what you are looking for.  You could enter the words, speaker jobs, or wanted speakers, in the search bar and click search.  

 Wait for a few seconds and opportunities will be right there at your feet in your easy beck and call.  Note down the companies, organizations, or seminar conferences that you are interested in.  Or follow the links.  There is a definite pot of public speaking job gold to anyone who seeks it.   

 Patience is the key

 Sometimes it happens that there are few websites that teems with jobs in public speaking.  Do not lose hope.  There may be an instance where you will hit a jackpot and get lucky.  There is a forum for speakers that is available on the internet.  You could also try to check them out.  What you would call a usual good fortune might actually be your perseverance paying off.

Take notes of schedules of conferences

 Usually, there are organizations who annually or semi-annually host a seminar or conference where a lot of speakers are needed.  This is the perfect occasion to put your foot inside the public speaking door.  The typical search for speakers normally begins about six months or eight months in advance.  The best thing to do is to check out their schedules and call or communicate with the organization at that time.  

Try your hand at training companies

 It wouldn’t hurt if you try or at least apply.  There is such a company named CareerTracks which hires speakers on a contract basis.  The job requires a bit of traveling as well as  the skill to be able to sell products to audience attendees.  For speakers who are just starting out, this experience is a good one to actually take a crack at.