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There are many books about meditation being sold today. For starters, choosing among the many books the one that can provide you with everything you need can be very difficult. In fact, there are even books that can be considered useless and of no importance. So before purchasing any book or CD on meditation, it would be best to check their customer reviews first, just make sure that it is an independent review and one that is not biased.

 The book and CD of Stephan Bodian for only about $16.50 is such a great deal for meditation beginners. According to many reviews, this book is of great value and it contains all your needed information about meditation for starters. The book is simple, direct, and offers a lot of recommendations. Aside from that, you can read with ease. There is no other book that covers as much subject on meditation as Meditation for Dummies.

 If you now realize the importance of meditation in your everyday life, then it would be best to do it regularly. In a short time, you can learn how to meditate and at the same time, listen to the CD.

 Starting with meditation is not as easy as you think. There are often difficulties that one encounters. But if you purchase the book, you can learn all the bases to meditation. The book covers the different methods used in meditation, the various approaches, and a lot more. In fact, you can skip some parts of the book and concentrate only on the topics that you’re interested in.

 If you’re also stressed out, this book is great for you. In about five minutes, you can learn a lot about meditation. By reading special sections of the book, you can meditate and eliminate your stress. And if you’re in another stressful situation, you will know what to do so as not to get stressed again.

 There are also some drawbacks about the book and CD edition. Dummies are easily discouraged of very long books. The book has actually 300 pages, with the foremost chapters talking about the importance and goodness of meditation. Since the book is quite long, many dummies may get drowsy reading it. Others complain about the voice on the CD being harsh, egotistical, and new agey, and stoned. What the listeners want is a voice that match the author’s. A voice that is practical, knowledgeable, fun loving, open, likeable, and well rounded. Many dummies practicing meditation want the right voice on their CD and they would gladly pay for it.

 Despite its drawbacks, the book still is well loved by many dummies and other people as well. This is a truly good book worth having. If you want an unbiased approach to meditation and emphasis on its essence, then this is the book and CD edition for you. What is important is your personal transformation and your achieved peace of mind. You will surely discover your true self and you’ll soon have inner peace. 

 This book can explain every step that you have to go through in meditation. Enter the door that the book opens for you, and you will find personal growth. What’s best about this book is that you don’t have to correlate with any school or religion. You only have to discover the love, truth, and compassion within you.