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When babies are born, everyone starts on equal footing. The events that happen years later will determine if someone is smart or just average. This will all depend on the child’s upbringing until one becomes a teenager. 

 At that age, the individual will be able to think for him or herself without that much assistance anymore when one was still an infant.

 Nevertheless, the process of building self esteem still continues at this age. This is because there is still much to learn and there will be other challenges that the person will experience before one can ever be called a man. 

 One way teens can build self esteem is by taking certain risks. The student can try out for the varsity team or take up an art or music class for the summer to find out if one is musically inclined or not.

 There is a saying that goes, ” you can’t keep a good man down.” Life has it up and down moments so teens should seize the day and rejoice in the success while not dwelling on mistakes. The person should simply think that this is just one of life’s lessons and should try a little harder in the future. 

 Since some find it hard to handle rejection, this is the time that parents must come in to act as a shoulder to cry on and offer words of wisdom. Rather than making the teen afraid of it, the guardians should encourage the person to do it again because the outcome may be a little different. 

 Self esteem is not just for the individual. This is for everyone. The teen can share this with others by being happy when others are also successful. Those who need a little push will surely appreciate the help one can give to make the classmates dream come true.  

 Another part of building self esteem as a teenager is by noticing the strengths and weaknesses one has. Those who are successful in one endeavor can help others excel in the field. 

 By being aware of what other people have, the individual can also become more confident by learning something from others which is all part of the improvement process. 

 One of the most difficult things to do especially as a teenager is being able to look at the bright side despite the problem that is at hand. Some adults can’t also do this but with constant practice, the individual will be able to have a positive outlook in life that can be seen through words and actions. 

 It takes time to build the teens self esteem. Parents start the moment the infant is born by showing signs love and affection that will soon later involve empowerment. This continues as long as mom and dad are still living. 

 Teachers and friends on the one end will also do the same thing by giving positive feedback that will occur when excellence in certain skills are shown. 

 People have to believe in oneself in order to succeed. This is the only way that a person can get a high paying job and be able to live a life of luxury. Being confident won’t happen overnight but those who feel man enough should face the challenges head on and become someone better after everything that has happened.