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Every year, awards such as the Grammies and the Oscars are given to actors, directors and producers for films and shows that have entertained the general public. One of the people always thanked for becoming who he or she is today is the parents. 

 The reason why these people are always given gratitude is because if not for the hard work and the values that were bestowed, it would be impossible for that individual to become one of the brightest stars in Hollywood. 

 This just goes to show that aside from looks  that the person gets, another thing has been imparted which is self esteem that also brings out confidence. 

 There are many ways to build high self esteem. While others use self help tools made by specialists or attend counseling sessions, sometimes the only thing the person should do is believe in oneself. 

 Everyone has strengths and weaknesses. The individual has probably figured this out in life being good in certain fields and above average in others. Those who have a gift in something should make the most out of it at the same time, working on those that need a little improvement to become someone better. 

 Second, like Aerosmith said “life is a journey, not a destination and no one can tell what tomorrow brings.” Yes, people wake up to a brand new day. The day before may have been really bad but people can always learn from mistakes and start over. 

 Part of building high self esteem is taking risks. By having a clear goal of what the individual wants to happen, this increases the chances of succeeding in whatever endeavor one may want to pursue. This is a whole lot better than waiting to see what happens. 

 Thinking positive is also another factor in building high self esteem. Life is a risk although being optimistic of the outcome in whatever the person wants to pursue may increase the chances of success rather than failure. 

 Having high self esteem is something that can also be imparted to others just like how this was given by the parents to a child. By having a good working attitude, others will perceive the individual as a role person and will also do the same thing and get the same results. 

 One way of doing this is treating everyone with respect. It doesn’t matter if this person is just a janitor or one of the bosses. In the end, everyone is the same. 

 It is easy for people to see if someone is confident. Once the person comes into the room and offers a firm handshake and a smile, that sense of aura itself is something worth having. 

 Confident people are not born. These individuals are made. One of the qualities that make a good leader is being able to speak and at times, also listen. There are things that people are not aware about and being able to learn something new from others is always a good thing. 

 The world does not revolve around the person, it is the other way around. People have to adapt and also be sensitive to the needs of others. By practicing each of these things everyday, the individual will become very successful which is known by a better word known charisma.