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Self-esteem by definition is the way a person perceives the self. Those who have a strong belief in one’s capabilities are able to succeed in just about anything while those who don’t will experience a lot of difficulty in life.

 Self-esteem is not something people are born with. This has to be developed and if parents are not able to do a good job, perhaps a child psychologist can help where this is lacking.

 Building a self-esteem lesson plan takes time. The way to approach the problem will be through a test. The system itself as many doctors admit is not perfect but this is better than nothing for those who need help.

 The exams given by a psychologist is divided into sections.  The patient will respond by ranking each question from highest to lowest, selecting an answer from four possible choices, filling in the blanks or completing the sentence.   

 Here are the seven categories being used by psychologists to come up with lesson plan. 

 First, there is procrastination. People have different work habits. There is the go-getter and the one who will start something but will not be able to finish it. The results of this category can help a specialist figure out a way for someone to be enthusiastic about studying or doing a task.  

 There are many what if’s in life. Those who know what to do will just go for it while others will hesitate first and then just go with the majority. A lesson plan can be developed to empower the individual to take risks. A certain outcome that happened before many change this time around and no one will know unless the person tries. 

 Everyone makes mistakes. This is all part of being human. But those who have regrets are frozen in time without the ability to move on. The psychologist may make a lesson plan that will enable the patient to let go and be ready for life’s challenges. 

 One mistake some people have is generalizing. It is bad to do that because it denies the person the chance to know about someone’s character. This is usually caused by trauma so the specialist can also make a lesson plan to exorcise the ghost and forget about the past. 

 Anger is one issue that some people have. This is the reason some are sent to anger management class. By knowing what makes the person agree, the psychologist will be able to understand and change that. 

 There are people who are outgoing when it comes to meeting new people while there are those who are shy. This will mean someone will have more friends than the other person. Psychologists can make a lesson plan so that the individual will be able to have lasting relationships with members of the same or opposite sex later on in life.

 The last portion simply asks the question if the person is happy with everything that life has offered. Some people will say satisfactorily given that the individual may not have that dream car or job. However, there are those who feel bitter so the specialist can make a lesson plan pointing out the nice things that have happened which makes it not that bad after all.  

 Those who answer the questions will probably do well in some of the sections and perform poorly in others. There is always room for improvement and growth and this should be what the lesson plan is all about.