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Reading is helpful, especially if it is a topic that you’re really interested in. If you’re a leader and want to enhance your skills in being the honcho of your team, then here’s a list of leadership books that will get you going. 


  1. The 20% Solution by John Cotter

It focuses on the redesigns of technology which will greatly influence the next century. 


  1. The 21st Century Organization by Warren Bennis and Michael Mischel

Re-organizing the company through re-invention and re-engineering. 


  1. The 21st Century Supervisor by Jeff Stokes

The Top 9 Skills for Leaders


  1. The Art of Framing by Gail Farhurst and Robert Sarr

Managing the Language of Leading


  1. At the Helm by Peter Isler

Business Lessons in Navigating Rough Waters


  1. Big Change by Paul Taffinder

A Map for Corporate Transformation


  1. CEO Succession by Dennis Carey and Deyton Ogden

Steps on how boards can get it right when choosing a new Chief Executive Officer


  1. Co-Leaders by David Heenan and Warren Bennis

Great Partnerships are powerful


  1. The Dream Society by Rolf Jensen

How the shift from Imagination to Information can change a business


  1. The Good, The Bad and Your Business by Jeffrey Seglin

Making the right decisions in ethical dilemmas


  1. High Flyers by Morgan McCall

Developing tomorrows great leaders


  1. How To Think Like a CEO by Benton

22 Vital Traits Every CEO needs to have


  1. The Individualized Corporation by Sumantra Ghoshal and Christopher Bartlett

A New Approach to Management


  1. Leader to Leader by Frances Hasselbein and Paul Cohen

Insights on Leadership


  1. Leadership IQ by Emmett Murphy

A Personal Development Process that is Based on Scientific Studies of a New Generation of Leaders


  1. A Little Knowledge is a Dangerous Thing by Dale Neef

Understanding the Global Economy


  1. The Management Team Handbook by Marie McIntyre

Five Key Strategies for Maximizing Performance


  1. Managing with Power by Jeffrey Pfeffer

Politics and its Influence in an Organization


  1. The Next Common Sense by Michael Lissack and Johan Roos

The e-Manager’s Guide in Understanding Complexities


  1. The Power of Simplicity by Jack Trout

A Management Guide in Cutting Through Nonsense and Doing Things the Right Way


  1. Re-engineering Management by James Champy

The Management for New Leadership


  1. Responsible Managers Get Results by Gerald Faust, Richard Lyles, Will Phillips

How the Best Leaders Look for Solutions and Not Excuses


  1. Semper Fi by Dan Carrison and Rod Walsh

Business Leadership the Marine Corps Way


  1. The Transformation Imperative by Thomas Vollman

Effective processes in decision-making